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The Stories of Indian Business Series: 12 Extraordinary Tales of Trade

Arthshastra: The Science of Wealth by Thomas R. Trautmann
The World of the Tamil Merchant: Pioneers of International Trade by Kanakalatha Mukund
The Mouse Merchant: Money in Ancient India by Arsia Sattar
The East India Company: The World's Most Powerful Corporation by Tirthankar Roy
Caravans: Punjabi Khatri Merchants on the Silk Road by Scott C, Levi
Globalization before Its Time: The Gujrati Merchants from Kachh by Chhaya Goswami (edited by Jaithirth Rao)
Three Merchants of Bomaby: Business Pioneers of the Nineteenth Century by Lakshmi Subramanian 
The Marwaris: From Jagat Seth to the Birlas by Thomas A. Timberg
Goras and Desis: Managing Agencies and the Making of Corporate in India by Omkar Goswami
Indian Railways: Weaving of a National Tapestry by Bibek Debroy, Sanjay Chadha, Vidya Krishnamurthi

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The World of the Tamil Merchant
The World of the Tamil Merchant
The East India Company
Punjabi Khatri
The East India Company
Three Merchants of Bomaby
The Marwaris
Goras and Desis
Indian Railways
Dharma of Business
Tryst with Prosperity
The Stories of Indian Business Series: 10 Extraordinary Tales of Trade