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1. Another Sort of Freedom

2. The Dilemma of an Indian Liberal

Another Sort of Freedom

Another Sort of Freedom, is the story of one man’s search to find meaning and purpose in live. Candid, witty and wry, the memoir is filled with moments of deep introspection at every turn alongside wise observations on the author’s encounters with history on four continents. Accompanying the intense personal tale, is a parallel narrative of a nation's struggle to define its future.

The dilemma of Indian Liberal

The Dilemma of an Indian Liberal

In The Dilemma of an Indian Liberal, a lifelong, passionate champion of economic and political freedom, Gurcharan Das writes, ‘For over two centuries liberal democracies and free markets spread around the world to become the only sensible way to organise public life.’ In India, he watched for 40 years the ‘license raj’ frustrate the hopes of millions. Then in 1991, he celebrated India’s long-delayed move to a liberal order as market reform and a maturing democratic process began to yield remarkable results, bringing prosperity and dignity to millions. Just when everything was going well, the light has begun to fade after 30 years as democracy has begun to weaken with the rise of Hindu nationalism. As in the rest of the world, liberalism is in retreat. Society is hopelessly polarised, and a liberal today finds himself on a lonely road. And yet the author sees grounds for optimism and hope in the future.

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one point agenda
05, June, 2024

One point agenda

During the recent election, many observers detected a persistent undercurrent of anxiety among voters, especially in the Hindi heartland. It related to jobs --…

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Gurchanran Das
26, March, 2024

Gurcharan Das on why it’s lonely being an Indian liberal

I grew up in an India that was a proud liberal democracy saddled with an illiberal, over-regulated economy that micro-managed private enterprise. We called it the Licence Raj. I worked for a…

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About Gurcharan Das

Gurcharan Das is one of India's most celebrated authors and thinkers. He is best known for two iconic, best-selling books: India Unbound offers a personal account of India’s economic rise and is available in numerous languages and filmed by the BBC. The Guardian called it 'a quiet earthquake!' The second,The Difficulty of Being Good, illuminates our day to day moral dilemmas, and ‘one of the best things I’ve read about contribution of great literature to ethical thought,’ according to the philosopher, Martha Nussbaum. The New York Times says, 'Something tremendous is happening in India, and Das, with his keen eye and often elegant prose, has his finger firmly on the pulse of the transformation.'

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Gurcharan Das is the author of a much acclaimed  trilogy on the classical goals of the Indian life:

  • 'India Unbound ‘ on artha or material being

  • 'Difficulty of Being Good ' on dharma or moral well-being

  • Kama: The Riddle of Desire on emotional and sexual well-being


Gurcharan Das on the 3 Aims of Life

This box set comprises the complete trilogy on life's goals by bestselling author and thought leader Gurcharan Das: India Unbound, on artha, material well-being The Difficulty of Being Good, on dharma, moral well-being and Kama: The Riddle of Desire, on kama, pleasure. In his magnificent prose, Das argues how dharma is duty to another, kama is duty to oneself, and artha determines the ground on which one stands. As you keep the three aims of life in view, the books in this set will help you find your path through the challenges and answer timeless questions.