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Gurcharan Das on the 3 Aims of Life

This box set comprises the complete trilogy on life's goals by bestselling author and thought leader Gurcharan Das: India Unbound, on artha, material well-being The Difficulty of Being Good, on dharma, moral well-being and Kama: The Riddle of Desire, on kama, pleasure. In his magnificent prose, Das argues how dharma is duty to another, kama is duty to oneself, and artha determines the ground on which one stands. As you keep the three aims of life in view, the books in this set will help you find your path through the challenges and answer timeless questions.

About Me

Gurcharan Das is an author and former CEO of Procter and Gamble India. He is the author of a much acclaimed trilogy based on the classical Indian ideal of life's goals. India Unbound was the first, on artha, 'material well-being' — the Guardian called it 'a quiet earthquake' – is available in 19 languages and filmed by the BBC.

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English-Vinglish, Hindi-Shindi
12, June, 2022

English-Vinglish, Hindi-Shindi

India doesn’t need a national language. Plus, Hindi is growing & English is no longer elitist.

Every now and then someone notices that India doesn’t have a national language…

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7 lessons from the pandemic
04, April, 2022

7 lessons from the pandemic: We realised many things, from costs of overused state power to costs of poor quality local data

Covid-19 appears to be transitioning to an endemic. There is always the threat of a new variant but the hope is that this is the endgame. The government has withdrawn the Disaster Management Act,…

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