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Speaking Engagements

Suggested Titles And Topics

  • Creating a values based organization
  • India's future - economic, social, political
  • India vs China - who will win the race?
  • What makes a good leader?
  • Mantra of Success —‘Make a Life, Not Just a Living’
  • High Performing Organizations
  • Schools of Tomorrow - My Vision Of A Good Education
  • How to reform our education system?
  • The place of philanthropy
  • The difficulty of being good--the moral dimension in our lives.

Additional Areas Of Expertise

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Economic Reforms
  • India's society, culture, religions
  • Branding
  • India's soft power

Examples of organizations addressed recently

  • Time Warner worldwide
  • Citicorp
  • ING bank
  • Credit Suisse Asia, Investment Conference 2013
  • Government of Singapore
  • Harvard Business School

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