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Submitted by shashi on Mon, 04/08/2024 - 18:26
Another Sort of Freedom

Another Sort of Freedom

  • 1) "Gurcharan Das embarked on his life’s journey equipped with a degree in philosophy from Harvard University, but chose a career in corporate India, where he rose to be CEO of Procter & Gamble India. Two decades and more since his first book, India Unbound was published, he tells his own story. A review of his memoir by Balakrishna S. Kesavan." read more

    -- Business World 2nd Mar 2024
  • 2) "Gurcharan Das's memoir 'Another Sort of Freedom' brings to a close his search for a flourishing life based on the classical ideal of four goals of life – the purusharthas - artha, dharma, kama and moksha." read more

    -- Money Control 18th Nov 2023
  • 3) "‘Another Sort of Freedom’ by Gurcharan Das is the rarest of the rare gems. It is about the fourth aim of moksha, offering an all-natural, non-religious, non-transcendental view of freedom." read more

    -- News18 10th Nov 2023
  • 4) "Former head of Procter & Gamble takes us through the 1960s and the 1970s in Boston and Oxford and describes uniquely how his feet remain rooted in Indian soil." read more

    -- Telegraph India 15th Dec 2023
  • 5) "An Authentic, Conscientious, Riveting, Introspective And Reflective Memoir -Another Sort Of Freedom’ Reflects Gurcharan Das’s Journey To His Type Of Moksha. In this enthralling excerpt from "Another Sort of Freedom-A Memoir” by famed Indian author Gurcharan Das, Akhileshwar Sahay traces the life and pursuit of moksha of Gurcharan, from his birth to 75 years of age." read more

    -- Times Now 26th Dec 2023
  • 6) "Whether he writes a novel, a play, a newspaper column or a memoir, the core of Gurcharan Das’ work is the self and his own life experiences. From his earliest memories of Lyallpur in Pakistan, where he lived in a large joint family, to the trauma of Partition and the family’s move to India, leaving behind a prosperous life to start all over again, Das captures the outer world through a deep dive into his past and inner self. His parents — a mystic engineer father who was a devout acolyte of the Beas Radha Soami sect and his mother, a true- blue Punjabi survivor who wants success and thrusts her ambitions on Das — appear in both his fiction and his memoirs as very vivid characters." read more

    -- Tribune India