St. Louis Post-Dispatch by Joseph Losos

He says, "Remarkable...heads and shoulders above the customary books [extolling the free market].... This story, so much more persuasive and effective than the usual free market tract, is accompanied by a sort of autobiography.  Das traces his life as a journey headed in the same direction as the business life of his country, an almost literary scheme that is unusually effective...The issues of business vs. private enterprise played against the somewhat parallel questions of modernity vs. tradition and nationalism against cosmopolitanism--it was Gandhi who served as the idealistic father figure whose legacy proved unusable. These are not just intellectual concerns; Das presents them powerfully as part of his life and thought and that of his friends and associates.....Many of the ideas presented in this book could have been written by an American, but the result would have been far less cogent.  The author is a Harvard graduate who has lived in Cincinnati and London, yet it exudes a brilliant sense of Indian pride.  This elegant essay has something for everyone."

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