Ian Jack, Critic, Editor

The change in India since economic liberalization in 1991 has been astonishing, and the pace of it picks up every day. Any visitor to India must ask how it came about and where it might lead. On a recent visit-after several years “I found a book which gave a vivid and persuasive explanation of the transformation all around me. India Unbound: from Independence to the global information age by Gurcharan Das is a mixture of memoir and social and economic inquiry, written with great energy, personal knowledge and clarity by a man who began his commercial career selling Vicks VapoRub to India villages (an excellent chapter). It isn't perfect "it has to my mind too much pro-market gusto in the analysis and a touch of Samuel Smiles in the story" but I would firmly recommend it to any visitor to India as a key guide to its recent past.

- Ian Jack, critic and editor. Extract of an article which appeared in the New Statesman, 30 January, 2006