Fareed Zakaria, Columnist and Editor

"Gurcharan Das, the former CEO of Procter & Gamble in India, and one of the first chroniclers of these shifts in attitude, told me a story of a poor young teenager he encountered. The boy told Das that in order to succeed, he had three goals. He wanted to learn to use Windows, to write an invoice and to learn 400 words of English. "Why 400 words?" asked Das. The boy explained that that's what it took to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language, the base requirement for admission to an American university. “Now, this guy probably won't get into an American college, but this is the way people are thinking all over India," Das said.

Amid Disaster, New Confidence, Fareed Zakaria, January 17, 2005, Newsweek

"The government sleeps at night and the economy grows" says Gurcharan Das, former CEO of Procter Gamble in India.

- India Rising, Fareed Zakaria, March 6, 2006, Newsweek