"This is an exquisite book, at once tender and profane, like desire, itself."

--Shashi Tharoor

"This is the third book in Gurcharan Das's magisterial opus on the Hindu concept of the four goals of human life (purusharthas), and that rich background allows Gurcharan Das to view kama more broadly than it has ever been viewed before. Not just sex, or desire, and not even just pleasure more broadly conceived, but love in its deepest and richest sense, including all of the Indian tradition, from the Vedas to modernity, even catching up Marcel Proust in its graceful coils.

--Wendy Doniger, Professor, University of Chicago

"It's a huge achievement.  The way he alternates narrative with philosophical reflection and analysis is really brilliant. Each strand enhances the other in a way that is really original – and brave. I'm sure there are many people who would say that combining elements in this way wouldn't work And yet it absolutely does!"

--Carole Satyamurti, English poet and author of Mahabharata (Norton)

"Like Kama, Gurcharan Das too has five arrows in his quiver: philosophy, literature, psychology, art and most potent of all, insight. It is armed with all that he approaches—soft- footedly—the subtle landscape of desire."

--B.N. Goswamy, art historian and critic

"In a fictionalized memoir  of one man's  experiences of love and loss, interspersed with fascinating meditations on love, longing, lust and nostalgia, the author records a life as he moves effortlessly through a vast and astonishing range of Indian and world literature from the Rig Veda, the Sanskrit epics, the Bhagavad Gita and Vatsyayana,  to Shakespeare, Proust, Tolstoy, Freud, and many more, with insightful excursions into the bhakti poets and  the operas of Richard Wagner. Das has given us a moving and thought provoking insight into the inner workings of the human heart"

--Prof Robert Goldman, Professor, University of California, Berkeley