Was voting for the BJP a risk worth taking? Three years on, jury’s out

Three years ago, I took a risk and voted for BJP for the first time. And today I ask myself, was it a risk worth taking? At the time, I had been worried that India had a narrow window of opportunity called the ‘demographic dividend’. If we elected the right candidate, prosperity would enter crores of lives, and in course of time India might become a middle-class country. Our opportunity came from being uniquely young; if those in the productive age got jobs, there would be gains in prosperity far outweighing the burden of supporting the old and the very young.

सभी महिलाओं को गरिमा और समानता दें

संदर्भ... तीन तलाक से आगे जाकर भारतीय समाज में नारी के खि लाफ घरेलू हिंसा खत्म होना ज्या दा जरूरी

Triple talaq must go, but for real change India needs to become truly modern

Triple talaq is in the news again, and mostly for the wrong reasons. It represents a Muslim husband’s right in Islamic law to dissolve a marriage simply by announcing it to his wife; today, he even does it via an SMS over the cellphone.

स्टीव बेनन : व्हाइट हाउस में धर्म योद्धा

संदर्भ... गीता की अपनी सैन्यवादी व्याख्या से प्रेरित होकर मध्य-पूर्व में युद्ध छेड़ सकते हैं ट्रम्प के मुख्य रणनीतिकार

Why Trump’s pro-war aide quotes the Gita

Most Indians are unaware that Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump’s chief strategist and member of his national security council, is not only the most powerful person in the White House today but he is also a great admirer of the Bhagavad Gita. Bannon is militarily inclined and believes in waging a holy war against Islam “to establish dharma in the world”. His long-time collaborator Julia Jones says, “He used to talk a lot about dharma — he felt very strongly about dharma… one of the strongest principles throughout the Gita.”

क्यों अपराधी जीत जाते हैं, उदारवादी नहीं?

जब भी चुनाव आते हैं तो मैं यह सोचकर हताश हो जाता हूं कि हम सच्चे, स्वतंत्र और सुधार चाहने वाले उदार नागरिकों की बजाय फिर अपराधियों, लुभावने नारों वाले भ्रष्टों और राजनीति क वंश के सदस्यों को चुन लेंगे। इस बार तमिलनाडु में शशिकला और अमेरिका में डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प की धक्कादायक जीत साफ-सुथरे उदारवादियों की नाकामी को रेखांकित करती है।

Why classic liberals don’t win elections, and populists do

We are in the midst of another election season in India, and each time a poll rolls around, I get depressed at the thought that we are about to elect criminals, corrupt populists, and members of political dynasties rather than upright, independent, reform-minded liberals.